Winds in the Desert – WOW Mission

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Las arpías de Viento Seco

The Dry Wind Harpies is an interesting mission, as it brings with it a great challenge. They must recover bags loaded with all kinds of supplies that have been stolen. This mission is entrusted to Rezlak, who works for Gazlowe and his job is to support some orcs who are in Durotar. Rezlak has everything in order, except one big detail, the caravans carrying the supplies are easily stolen, even if the boy tries hard to keep them safe he achieves absolutely nothing.

According to Rezlak, these bags loaded with supplies are in the possession of the Dry Wind harpies. He even suspects that they are in Ventajo Canyon which is on the south side of the map. It is a mission on which this young man’s work depends, so there is no other choice but to go in search of those supplies.

Objective of the mission

The objective is to recover five balls that have been stolen by the harpies, then take them to the Rezlak location.

Sack of Supplies



Pj level: 9
Requires level: 7
You have to be: Horde
Start: Rezlak
Ends: Rezlak
Can be shared
Difficulty: Medium
Added in Patch


Mission Map


Video of the mission


  • 780 experience
  • 100 reputation with Orgrimmar
  • 100 reputation with Darkspear Trolls
  • 100 reputation with Ratchet
  • 3 de plata