Neeru Fireblade – WOW Classic Mission

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Neeru Hojafuego - Misión WOW Classic

Neeru Hojafuego is about a very important mission to fight against Filo Ardiente, this is the continuation of the story of the fiery necklaces used by the followers of the clan, to have powers of the demons. Margoz was the character who entrusted the previous mission to look for these burning objects, now he has realized that his studies about these tools of evil are not enough, and he can’t find anything that tells him the place where the shaman skills that these demonic accessories have come from.

One of these necklaces should be taken to a more capable character, a sorcerer named Neeru Hojafuego. This character has the ability to fight against powers of demons, so he already knows a little more about the subject, so he is in a better position to discover the mysteries of the necklaces.  The mission takes place in Orgrimmar, the precise place where Neeru Hojafuego is located is in Circus of Shadows.

Objective of the mission


The objective is to transport a demon collar to the location of Neeru Hojafuego, which is located in Orgrimmar.

Example Collar


Pj level: 12
Requires level: 4
You have to be: Horde
Start: Margoz
Ends: Neeru Hojafuego
Cannot be shared
Difficulty: Easy
Added in Patch

Mission Map



Video of the mission



  • 460 experience
  • 50 reputation with Orgrimmar
  • 50 reputation with Darkspear Trolls