Fireboy and watergirl: Forest temple

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Fireboy and watergirl: Forest temple
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Fire and water show that opposites attract when they come together to explore the ancient Temple of the Forest...

How to play Fireboy and watergirl: Forest temple

Guide this pair of elementals on an adventure through the many puzzles of the Forest Temple. Remember: fire and water do not mix, and neither element likes green mud. Each level is represented by a shape on the map of the temple - pay attention to the shape, because it says a lot about your goals. Sometimes you have the task of grabbing as many diamonds as possible, other times your mission is to get the green diamond or move Fireboy and Watergirl simultaneously. Arrows = Move Fireboy WASD = Move Watergirl

¿HOW TO PLAY THE GAME OF Fireboy and watergirl: Forest temple?

Videotutorial of Fireboy and watergirl: Forest temple