A Solvent Spirit – WOW Mision

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The eyes are getting old and starting to fail the old Master Vornal even though he keeps insisting that he has eyes like a hawk. Ultimately this old man has to rely on alchemy in order to invoke his powers. Master Vornal is now too old to teach a decent being again, so he no longer trusts any troll or orc to gain his respect. Do you think you will be brave enough to get what he asks of you in this adventure?

Mission objective

Get intact makrura eyes and crawler mucus jars. To get them you have to kill makruras or Durotar crawlers.

Makrura eye intact x4

Crawler mucus x8


Pj level: 7
Requires level 5

You must be: Horda

Can be shared
Difficulty: easy
Added in patch

Map of the objects


Video of the mission



  • 630 experience
  • 100 reputation with Orgrimmar
  • 100 Reputation with Black Spear Troll
  • 1 silver and 75 bronze
  •  Very sticky glue x10 Very sticky glue x10